Level 3 - The Role of the Manager (Full day)

Full day
Level 3
Virtual online with trainer
Course aim
To be aware of your role and responsibilities as a Decision Maker (to meet in House Policies and Procedures/other regulatory standards).
Course details

This workbook is suitable for delegates with safeguarding decision making responsibility, working in the voluntary and independent sector, working with 'Adults at Risk of Harm' (formerly Vulnerable Adults), within a range of settings.

Course content:

  1. Engage and network with delegates from a range of agencies and disciplines
  2. Check out existing safeguarding knowledge, understanding and practice issues
  3. Linking/applying the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Risk Management Toolkit (Level 2) within the context of decision making/actions to safeguard an adult at risk of harm
  4. Research existing and new guidance/legislation
  5. Investigation for speakers to attend; sharing reflective learning opportunities
  6. Revisit current knowledge and understanding.
Target audience
  1. As a pre-requisite, delegates must evidence attendance/knowledge at Level 1 Recognising Adult abuse and Level 2 (Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Reporting a Concern)
  2. Have a strategic, managerial or operational decision making role within your organisation
  3. Are new in post or refreshing knowledge
  4. May need to meet various standards/qualifications/continual professional development.
Learning outcomes
  1. To empower decision makers to reflect on past, current and future practice
  2. Opportunity to network, sharing opportunities, good practice and barriers within the decision making process
  3. Reflecting on individual practice.

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