Level 1 Recognising Adult Abuse: Safeguarding Awareness Workbook

3 hours
Level 1
Self-directed workbook supervised by workplace manager/trainer
Course aim
The workbook meets the same learning outcomes as ERSAB L1 online and eLearning and provides an alternative for managers to use with their staff where online training or eLearning isn’t suitable, or as a refresher.
Course details

  • This course is suitable for anyone working within the private and independent care sector with adults who may be at risk of harm.
  • The workbook offers a flexible approach to learning which can be used at a convenient time. It provides information, and checks learning using a variety of questions and has to be completed with support and supervision from a manager.
  • An answer book is available to Managers on request to sabtraining@eastriding.gov.uk
  • To download a copy of the ERSAB Workbook please click on the link below:
    Recognising Adult Abuse Level 1 Safeguarding Awareness Workbook (pdf 446kb)

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