Level 1 - Recognising Adult Abuse (3 hours)

3 hours
Level 1
Virtual online with trainer
Course aim
To provide awareness at an introductory level, using power points, case studies, group work and an opportunity for questions/discussions in relation to Policy and Procedures, whilst giving due to regard to the individual’s wishes, capacity and consent.
Course details

This course is suitable for all delegates working within the private and independent sector, supporting ‘Adults at Risk of harm’ (formerly Vulnerable Adults), in a range of settings.

This is a pre-requisite course to further learning provided by the Board.

The Level 1 - Recognising Adult Abuse course is available in a variety of options:

  • Virtual ‘multi agency’ training session (3 hours) delivered online by a Board Training Officer or a Core Trainer.
  • Face-to-face ‘in house’ training delivered by an ‘Active’ Cascade Trainer registered with the Safeguarding Adults Board.
  • Workbook - offering a flexible approach to learning; can be used at a convenient time, has to be completed with support and supervision from a manager, can be completed as a group activity or individually -it provides information and checks learning using a variety of questions. To download a copy of the ERSAB Workbook please click on the link below. Answers are available to Managers from the SAB Administration team. ERSAB Level 1 Workbook
Target audience
  1. Are new in post and not previously attended this training or refreshing knowledge.
  2. Need to meet various standards/qualifications/continual professional development.
Learning outcomes
  1. To have greater awareness of how to recognise abuse is occurring and understanding your role in determining what action to take
  2. Currently maps against the Care Certificate, NICE Guidance and the Bournemouth Competency Standards.
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