Cascade Training Day (2 days)

2 days
Level 4
Course aim
To provide delegates with knowledge, information and training tools to deliver the Level 1 Foundation Training, as a Cascade Trainer (within your own agency) with confidence.
Course details

This course is suitable for all delegates working in the statutory, voluntary and independent sector, working with 'Adults at Risk of Harm' (formerly Vulnerable Adults), in a range of settings.

Course content:

Day 1

  1. Review expectations of Cascade Trainers role
  2. Observe delivery of Level 1 programme
  3. Review training materials and content.

Day 2

  1. Co-deliver course content
  2. Research legislation and guidance
  3. Deliver group presentation.
Target audience
  1. Must have attended face-to-face Safeguarding Adults Training at Level 1 delivered by a Safeguarding Board Trainer, followed by Level 2 or 3
  2. Must have managers approval to a) be a cascade trainer for the board and b) deliver in house training
  3. Must be confident when speaking in front of people, especially within your own agency.
Learning outcomes

Have a clear understanding of Legislation, Policies, Procedures and Training Resources that support making safeguarding personal, to ensure a consistent and confident Level 1 Foundation Programme is delivered to in-house staff.

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