Safeguarding Adults Week

Safeguarding Adults Week 2023

November 2023 saw partners from across the City of Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire come together to develop an extensive programme of learning events, seminars and interactive sessions which all underpinned this year’s theme - Safeguarding is everybody’s business.

Spurred on by the success of Safeguarding Adult’s Week 2022 the safeguarding partners worked to extend the range of topics being covered this year.

The weeklong programme saw 12 sessions presented to professionals and members of the public.

Covering topics such as Safeguarding and the voluntary community and social enterprise sector, transitions, and suicide, safeguarding vulnerable dependent drinkers, learning from Domestic Homicide Reviews and much more. The week was also supported by the CHCP Health Bus in the community. The sessions were designed to stimulate discussion, spark innovation, and share best practice.

Please see the full review of the week here:

Safeguarding Adults Week November 2023 Review (pdf 751kb)

Safeguarding in Previous years

Safeguarding Adults Week 2022 - Responding to Contemporary Safeguarding Challenges

21-27 November 2022

During National Safeguarding Adults Week, East Riding and Hull Safeguarding Adults Boards joined forces with the Ann Craft Trust to support the campaign to come together to raise awareness of important contemporary safeguarding issues. The full evaluation report for the week is available below:

Safeguarding Adults Week 2022 Report (pdf 545kb)

The week was launched on 18 November during a face-to-face safeguarding event, which brought senior key figures in Safeguarding together, from Hull and East Riding to discuss contemporary safeguarding issues.

The week enabled more organisations and individuals to feel confident in recognising signs of abuse and neglect and reporting safeguarding concerns.

Virtual workshops

Virtual workshops were available during the week on topics such as County Lines, Domestic Abuse, Preventing Radicalisation, Keeping Organisations Safe, Preventing Fraud, Safeguarding Young Adults, Care Standards and much more.

Many of the virtual workshops were recorded and some of these are available to view below along with the presentations.

As part of the week the Public Health Community Bus visited towns within the East Riding with Safeguarding experts from City Health Care Partnership (CHCP) available to talk about safeguarding giving out advice and leaflets regarding support available to keep people.

The timetable can be seen here (pdf 165kb)

Many organisation joined in with the discussion on social media #SaferCultures #SafeguardingAdultsWeek. Promotion of safeguarding also took place on local radio and parts of Hull were lit up in Green to mark the event.
Thank you to those of you that were able to take part during the week which explored how we can respond to contemporary safeguarding challenges.

Safeguarding Adults Week – Themes for 2022

  • Monday – Exploitation and County Lines
  • Tuesday – Self-neglect
  • Wednesday – Creating Safer Organisational Cultures
  • Thursday – Elder Abuse
  • Friday – Domestic Abuse in Tech-Society
  • Saturday & Sunday – Safeguarding in Everyday Life 

For further information about the themes and the work of the Ann Craft Trust, visit their website (external website).


Safeguarding Adults Week - Coercive Control Workshop (pdf 770kb)

Safeguarding Adults Week - Domestic Abuse in Rural Communities (pdf 1.0mb)

Safeguarding Adults Week - Elder Abuse (pdf 1.6mb)

Safeguarding Adults Week - Meet the East Riding Domestic Violence and Abuse Team (pdf 1.7mb)

YouTube recordings videos

Child Exploitation Contextual Safeguarding

Domestic Abuse in Rural Communities

Emollients and Hoarding presentation

Introduction to Safe Spaces & Ask for ANI Domestic Abuse Schemes

Operation Wilberforce

Organisational Abuse: Indicators and Local Response

An Introduction to keeping people safe in voluntary and community settings

Transitional Safeguarding from adolescence to adulthood

Keeping People Safe within Voluntary and Community Settings

Safeguarding Adults Week - Coercive Control Workshop

Meet the DVAP Team 23 November 2022 133145 Meeting Recording


Safeguarding Week - June 2022

Safeguarding logo 2022


Safeguarding Week took place on 20 - 24 June 2022. Partners from Safeguarding Adults Boards, Children’s Safeguarding Partnerships, Community Safety Partnerships across North Yorkshire, the City of York and East Riding came together to developed an extensive programme of learning events, seminars and interactive sessions which all underpin this year’s theme - ‘Safeguarding is everybody’s business’.

Spurred on by the success of Safeguarding Week 2021 the safeguarding partners worked to extend the range of topics being covered this year. The week-long programme of over 55 sessions catered for professionals and members of the public who wanted to learn more about safeguarding.

Covering topics such as support for children and young people impacted by Domestic Abuse, signs of radicalisation, keeping children safe on-line, fraud awareness and protection, the power of the bystander amongst many other safeguarding areas. The sessions were designed to stimulate discussion, spark innovation and share best practice. Each session was delivered by inspirational and motivational speakers, all of whom are experts in their field.
Look out for the next years safeguarding week and the next National Adult Safeguarding Week which will be held on November 16 - 22 2022.

Here are a few of the presentations and a link to the You tube channel with the recordings of the some of the online sessions that took place during June's Safeguarding Week:

YouTube - Safeguarding Week 2022 Sessions Recordings (external website)

Tuesday 21 June

Nominated Individual 10.30am - 12.00pm

Safeguarding for Nominated individuals Presentation (pdf 909kb)


Sources and Resources 2.00 - 3.00pm

Safeguarding Sources and Resources Presentation (pdf 1.2mb)

Wednesday 22 June 2022

Making Safeguarding Personal Presentation

Making Safeguarding Personal Presentation (pdf 398kb)

Thursday 23 June 2022

Think Family 10.00 - 11.00am

Think Family Presentation (pdf 645kb)

Child Expolitation, County Lines and Cuckooing 11.00am - 12.00pm

Child Exploitation, County Lines and Cuckooing Presentation (pdf 1.5mb)


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