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As part of our ongoing engagement with Adults the Safeguarding Adults Team at East Riding of Yorkshire Council and The Safeguarding Adults Board have created a Safeguarding Adults Feedback Survey which is aimed at adults (and/or their representative) who have received support from an organisation who is a partner of East Riding Safeguarding Adults Board.

Feedback from adults is really important to us and is crucial in helping us to monitor performance and deliver the best possible support in the future. The feedback surveys are in both standard and easy read formats via links below. They will be actively promoted via the local authority Adult Social Care teams at the end of safeguarding enquiry work and can be used by anyone that has received safeguarding support.

Organisations are encouraged to make professionals aware of the feedback surveys in case they need to support or encourage adults to complete these.

SM000738 Safeguarding Adults 2024 (Sandard)

SM000738a Safeguarding Adults 2024 (Easy Read)

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